Dr. Gwen Dutrizac, C.Psych.

    Phone: 519-823-2323 x309

    Areas of Work: Child & Adolescent Assessment, Child & Adolescent Treatment, Adult Assessment & Treatment, Parent Consultations

    Dr. Gwen Dutrizac is a Registered Psychologist who received her Ph.D. at Western University. She works with children and adults. She has worked in inpatient psychiatric settings, community mental health, and private practice. She is a particularly good fit for the following types of clients:

    (1) Adults who want to thrive in their current lives, but who may be overwhelmed or simply in a rut. Gwen helps people prioritize what they value most and works to increase their overall wellness. This work may involve in-depth talk therapy, mindfulness-based strategies, and lifestyle changes.

    (2) Teens and young adults who feel lost or overwhelmed. Although bright and capable, they may need help managing their emotions or finding a direction in their lives. Gwen’s approach to working with these clients will reflect each person’s unique situation.

    (3) People who want to maximize their performance in sports or other activities. Gwen helps people improve their mental game — a huge factor in performance. Gwen also works with parents to help their kids manage the demands of high-performance activities.

    Gwen grew up in Guelph and recently returned after almost two decades away. She feels fortunate to work with people who seek to better themselves and their families. When she’s not at work, she enjoys physical fitness, the outdoors, and family time.