Child & Adolescent Assessment

Our team of expert clinicians use standardized tests, questionnaires, interviews, and other assessment tools to gather information about your child and their life circumstances. It can be difficult for parents and teachers — or even the child themselves — to figure out the reasons behind an issue or understand how to make things better. A comprehensive psychological assessment can help answer these questions.

Child & Adolescent Treatment

At Insight Psychology, we provide a range of psychological services to help children and adolescents learn positive ways of dealing with stress and other challenges of daily life. Children of all ages may experience difficulty coping with issues that trigger feelings or behaviours that they find overwhelming. Our team of experienced clinicians can provide them with the support they need to gain resilience and develop healthy minds.

Adult Assessment & Treatment

At Insight Psychology, our team of professionals provide a variety of psychological services for adults and young adults, including assessments, diagnosis, and counselling for individuals or couples. If you are looking for support to explore, manage, or diagnose an adult mental health disorder, contact our team today.

Brief Parent Consultations

Parent consultations can be a good starting point for connecting with our team and learning about services that could help you and your child or teen. If you are looking for guidance, insight, and support in determining if your child or teen’s behaviour is “normal”, we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced clinicians today.

Professional Consultations to Community Organizations

Our team of professionals are invested in building strong relationships with our community partners in Guelph and Wellington County. We provide professional consultations, assessments, and other initiatives to support community organizations, with the goal of establishing and maintaining an active network for mental health professionals in the area.