We are committed to sharing our expertise with others in ways that nourish, enrich, and encourage positive mental health. We also believe that working with existing resources is the best way to help those who require care the most — we are always eager to connect with organizations who would like to collaborate.

Services to the Community

Providing Workshops, Lectures, and TV Talk Shows

Over the years we have given presentations on a variety of topics including learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety and self-esteem to schools, parent groups, community mental health organizations, and other specialized resource groups, such as the Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County.

My Healthy Mind Initiative

My Healthy Mind began with an art/poetry contest to help children express what they thought it meant to have a healthy mind. The initiative continues to develop into a broader initiative aimed at providing school-aged children with an opportunity to learn strategies for managing stress, as well as to encourage open conversations about mental health.

Specific Services to Our Community Partners

Complex Mental Health Assessments

As an organization, Insight Psychology provides mental health assessments for children in the care of agencies, particularly if their case requires a complex and in-depth examination of a variety of factors. These factors may include intellectual ability, learning skills, attachment, fetal alcohol syndrome, and other social-emotional issues caused by trauma.

Consultation with Community Partners

Insight Psychology consults with agencies and school boards regarding complex diagnostic issues. We work with behaviourally-challenging children, who require focused observation and coordination of services.

If your organization is interested in a professional consultation, please reach out to us today.